축제비전 / 문화예술교육 더베프의 축제사업을 소개합니다.

thebefu has some 'cheerful and merry laughter'.
더베프에는 '흥겨운 웃음소리'가 있습니다.
We think that the various opportunities of the culture benefit should be given the disadvantaged children and their families equally together with the normal people. We study the features of each of disabled people, and keep opening the festival for the disadvantaged children every year since the 1st festival for the disabled children : the way to theatre in Arts Center, Uijeongbu, in 2003. Especially, since 2010 we changed the festival's name into 'The International Disabled Children’s Festival : The way to theater', and invite the foreign performances which it is hard for the disabled children and their family to get because of some of environmental factors.

- The festival as the social enterprise for the main propose business
- The festival with some of artists and the domestic artist groups
- The festival joined with 50 volunteers and dozens of educational drama specialist in education
- The festival made of anonymous donations